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The UMOS TechHire program is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor and designed to provide technology training based on employer needs. Benefits to employers include screening, recruitment and training, pipeline to potential employees, paid internships, coaching and support throughout the duration of the learning experience.

The Organization

UMOS is a non-profit organization that offers programs designed to improve the employment, educational, health and housing of underserved populations.

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Target Certifications

UMOS TechHire provides training with a focus on industry recognized certifications which are customized based on specific training and employer requests.


UMOS TechHire is able to support employers by delivering customized training, paid internships and materials related to the training.

Training Space

Our training space is a combination of classrooms, meeting space and a computer training lab. Job fairs and Meetups are offered free of cost.


A memorandum of understanding is a formal agreement between two or more parties. Often, MOUs are the first step towards a collaboration.

Fair Labor Standards Act

TechHire understands and assists companies in the development of internship programs that align with the Department of Labor guidelines.

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Fiber Optic

Web Development

Web Design

Helpdesk Analyst

Microsoft Office (MOS)


Process Map

  • Phase I

    Initial Contact

    UMOS TechHire approach to training is built around customization based on company needs. In this stage, we document, analyze and determine your technology focus in order to design the most appropriate training.

  • Phase II


    In this phase, employers sign the required MOU. This is also the preparation phase for the delivery method of the training.

  • Phase III


    This is the core phase of the process. Participants are trained based on the chosen delivery method, which in some cases, may require employer involvement.

  • Phase IV

    Internship - Placement

    In this phase, employers provide meaningful learning experiences for participants. Employers also record and report to TechHire about participant activities during the internship placement. During this phase, two formal evaluations are performed. Employers have the flexibility to offer employment to our participants at any time during the internship.

  • Considered

The TechHire Team

Barb Felske

Vice President of Technology/CIO

Joni Theobald

Program Director

Juan Casso

Business Relationship Coordinator

Malorie Huguet

Career Coach

Dallas Hawkins

Career Coach


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